Simon Archer Photography takes a fresh approach to school photography.

Your child’s first day at school, their communion and confirmation days are three of the most important occasions in their young lives. Capturing these events on camera is the best way of preserving those special occasions so good advice is to get it right by using a professional photographer.

Much of school photography today is as it was 20 or 30 years ago. Parents can see the stiff poses of their own school photos still being reproduced today.

Simon Archer Photography specialises in child photography and takes a new, fresh approach to school photo shoots.

Rather than the formal head shot with dated backdrop, Simon opts for the high-key setup and more casual poses.

Simon Archer Photography uses a mobile studio set-up when he visits any of the schools and creches in his portfolio and takes a number of different poses for his communion and confirmation shoots – providing a full studio session experience rather than a sit –smile – shoot format.

Also, there is NO PAYMENT UP FRONT.
Approximately two weeks after the photo shoot, order forms with a large selection of options and sample images will be brought back to the school.

Simon prefers to take the junior class photo in the children's own classroom, having the children around the teacher’s desk, for example, with their schoolwork in the background. This has proved very popular with parents, teachers and the children.

Simon also captions the class photo with all the children’s names – something which will prove very helpful in years to come when memory begins to fade!

For more details or to book Simon for your school photographs you can contact him on 087-2057247.